Where does Social Media sit in your company or organisation?

When businesses or organisations embark on discovering their Social Media sound they often start with focusing on their Social Media updates. You may say, “It’s Social Media you say so isn’t that where you should start?”

Well, yes but you won’t get far if you don’t understand how Social Media sits internally in your organisation and have the necessary resources to make consistent melodies above the noise. There are so many aspects to take note of like adjusting settings on a synthesiser.

While looking at setting objectives and benchmarks are important as we have outlined in previous blogs you really have to understand how Social Media operates most effectively in your organisation. This, of course, depends on many factors such as:

·       How big your organisation is

·       How much of a priority it is to your objectives

·       How much resource you have to manage it

·       How much Social Media works in harmony with other departments such as PR, Customer          Service or Marketing

The growth of Social Media has been very challenging for many companies/organisations to incorporate into their existing structures. However, this might not be so much of an issue for newer ones as they have grown up in the current media environment. That being said there is always space to fine-tune internal processes.

Where does Social Media live?

As someone who has worked in Social Media in businesses and organisations of different sizes and in different sectors, I have seen first-hand the challenges of making Social Media streamlined internally. Often it is not clear who should own Social Media and make important decisions to make it function properly. This is because Social Media has touchpoints in so many areas across the organisational structure.

In fact, it has fundamentally changed the way companies and organisations communicate. This leads to difficulties in some organisational structures. For example, if all updates need to be signed off by one department, how can Social Media methods be quick and flexible to the everchanging circumstances of the current media environment. Also, who should control the strategy and direction of it? Should it sit in-house or be outsourced to a Social Media agency?

The answer to these questions depends on what the organisation’s priorities are with Social Media. However, many are not clear on what these are and without a direction and plan friction occurs internally. In addition, communication may be structurally split into silos which creates more complications for the free movement of Social Media across the organisation.

Often specific departments may need training on how they can make efficient use of Social Media and how to collaborate with one another. Maybe stakeholders from many different departments might need to be bought into how Social Media can be used in the first place.

Whatever the business or organisation Social Media should merge with its internal structure if it is to be effectively used.

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