The importance of benchmarks in Social Media Measurement

If you’re starting out on a journey to Social Media harmony it is very important to set some benchmarks early on as part of your strategy.

Think of it like tuning up your instrument ready for a performance. When you reach that place where the music is just flowing freely how will you be able to understand how it’s resonating with your audience?

Fortunately, we have some ideas that may help with Social Media measurement and benchmarking:

Internal Social Media Audit – Find out what tune are you currently playing and how well

The first stage would be to understand what kind of activity you are currently undertaking on Social Media. If this is nothing at the moment, don’t worry! That can simplify things somewhat if anything! If you have existing activity on Social Media you could start by seeing what content has performed well in the past.

You need to establish what kinds of engagement levels you are currently getting over a given time period. For instance, if you post three times a week on Facebook, how many likes, comments and shares are you getting on average? The same logic could be used in terms of traffic to your website from Social Media or website sales (as a consequence of Social Media).

In terms of content themes, try and categorise your content in terms of your brand’s key messages. Establish how often these messages are getting out on Social Media and what reaction they are getting. You should make sure your Social Media content is diverse and is regularly communicate

External Social Media Audit – Find out what tune are your competitors playing and how well

If you already have established competitors in your space they can be invaluable for establishing your benchmarking especially if you are starting from scratch. You can see what kinds of activity they are getting and use it to judge your own performance. If you don’t have any good direct competitors to use try and find a close match. There is usually something out there you can learn!

You shouldn’t take this as the be all or end all though as there may be many other factors about their performance you don’t know about. For instance, they could be using paid strategies to boost their posts. Ultimately, you should be evolving to a stage where you are primarily benchmarking against yourself and focusing the value you can bring instead of being distracted by the competition.

Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting – Refine your sound

Once you have established decent benchmarks you are in a good place to set SMART goals and continually monitor the progress of your activity. Always keep evolving your sound, playing in tune and monitor how it is resonating with your audience.

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