Is your Social Media in tune with the festive season? 🎁 ❄️ 🎅 🎄

It's not long to go till December; one of the most popular periods for Social Media activity. It's a great opportunity to connect with your audience and share the love!

But getting in the festive spirit requires great content, planning and resources to do it effectively. Is your organisation ready?

If you're stuck for some festive ideas here are 3 to get your audience singing your tune.


1. Give your best Season's Greetings

Don't be a Scrooge! Make sure you have catchy festive style visuals on your cover images and posts. Plan these posts to go out at optimum times during the festive period. Perhaps shoot a short video of what's happening at your company. Is it a Christmas Jumper competition? Or perhaps it's a large Christmas tree? This is a good way to show some personality and a fun side to your company.


2. Showcase some festive spirit

Give your people something to be excited about! You could run a competition on your Facebook page to reward your fans or perhaps use Instagram stories/videos to showcase some of your latest festive news or new products/services. If you're a retailer why not give special festive discounts on some of your most popular products. 

It's also a chance to showcase your achievements of the year and underline the role your people played in making this happen.


3. Leverage popular #hashtags

The festive period is literally awash with hashtags which present excellent opportunities to reach more people with your message. So if you've got a Twitter or Instagram following you'll want to make the most of these. Perhaps you might want to include hashtags such as #ChristmasIsComing or #ChristmasWish in your posts. However, it's always advisable to make sure that your content is timely and relevant! Just jumping on a bandwagon isn't cool!


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